The Fruit of Judaism is Zionism


fruit of judaism is zionism

Some people want you to believe that Zionism is not related to Judaism.  There is no bigger lie, the two are one in the same.  They want you to believe that bad Jews are Zionist Jews and that Judaism is a good religion, they want you to ignore the long sordid history of the Jews, the want you to forget that Jews have drawn the wrath of the rest of the word throughout their entire history.

jew-ritual-murder before zionism

Zionism is the political expression of Judaism, everything the Zionist claims comes straight out of Jewish holy books, like the claim to Palestine.  In fact the best way to view Zionism is the cumulation of thousands of years of Jewish search for a nation, Zionism is the passionate fruit of Judaism, and now that we have Israel we also have hell unleashed on earth.

judaism beget zionism

Don’t fall for the ruse that some Jews denounce Zionism, any Jew could quit being a Jew and become human, denounce Judaism and Zionism.  Any truly human person would never agree to the chosen meme, no fair minded rational person would ever think some god chose them over others.

rabbi apologist for the evil of judaism

We know that Zionism is the problem and we know it’s source, the Jewish religion of Judaism, a religion that teaches that some people are chosen over others, a religion that produced the Babylonian Talmud, a book of hate against all Goyim.  The Talmud is simply an extension of the Torah and other books, the Talmud takes Old Testament hate toward rival tribes to new levels of depravity.

Witness the current Prime Minister of Israel, the ‘Lion of Zion’, Bibi “antichrist” Netanyahu barking orders at the rest the world to attack the neighboring states of Israel.   Everything this nutcase does comes directly out of the Torah and Talmud, he is simply acting out the dominance of tribe from Jewish holy books.  Netanyahu doesn’t operate in some magical Zionist vacuum separated from Jewry, he’s been elected twice and he is the favorite to win again this March.


Netanyahu’s anger is typical.  The Jew is angry, the Jew has always been angry at god and at himself and his predicament.  The Jew wants it all and believes his god is going to help him rob the world, but his god is not there, and his wishes are continuously thwarted by those protecting their property, rights, and lives from this predatory race of warmongering Neanderthals.


The angry god of the Jew doesn’t exist, he is simply a projection of the Jew onto deity.  If you believe in Yahweh you are making the Jew your god, because the angry Yahweh doesn’t exist, only the angry Jew exists. No other world leader acts like him because King Bibi is Jew all the way through his black Polish heart.

Netanyahu is angry at anyone who criticizes him or stands up to him or refuses to bow down to the King of Jews, this guy really thinks he owns the rest of the world.  He doesn’t, he’s not a king, he is insane Jew, a psychopath ruling a nation of psychopaths – witness Israelis watching the bombing of Gaza 2014.

jews are psychopaths

So when you hear someone defending Judaism, realize the truth, there is no difference between Jews and Zionists, they are the same cruel animal, they both are sourced in the Jewish holy books, the Jew is his book.  Take the Bible away and the Jew would have no identity!  Thus in order to destroy the Jew we must end the Jew book, the Bible must be eradicated from planet earth.

In this double punch essay upload, I will next examine the bastard offspring of Christian Zionism and how this movement allows evil Israel to rape and pillage in the name of God.  American Christians are mostly responsible for the bloodshed, their political support is the backbone of Zionist rule.

THE LOGIC OF YUKON JACK the path to real freedom


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